YAY!!!! Shoes

I am excited to try it on. I ordered online and got it today.

Dream Wedding dress

What is your vision and descriptions of your wedding dress?  My vision is not about an elegant price tag but my style, my favorite color, unique yet slightly traditional in other words "stay on my budget".  When I saw this dress, I was like oh this is MY DREAM WEDDING DRESS. 


It was summer time of 2009 when I met Gina, I didn’t really think that we are suited for each other. However, faith would have it that I would see her occasionally through friends gatherings. I was slowly attracted to her beauty (inner and outer). I soon realized she is the one - THE PROVERBS 31 woman that God had revealed in my prayers.  Now that we are ENGAGE to be married I Can truly say that “YOU are my completeness”.


We met about Ten years ago through mutual friends at a birthday party.  I remembered he was playing a charade with his friends.  I glanced  over him and thought " oh he is funny".  We never talked until the party ended.   It was eight months after the party when our love story began.  My friend invited him over to my surprise birthday party, it was January of 2010.  I was stranded somewhere and he offered to pick me up. That night something had changed.  Fast forward, it had been nine years together and now we are engaged to get married.