Selena & Brad

August, 03 2025

The Happy Couple

Selena Vasquez

Brad Stevens

We met almost five years ago when a mutual friend introduced us at a holiday party. We exchanged Facebook info, and kept in touch from time to time. We quickly made plans to attend a music festival together later that month, and it's all history from there. For our third anniversary of our first date we went to Jamaica and now just years later we are getting in the same place! We are looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together and we hope you will join us in celebration of our love. Thank you to all of friends and family for visiting our wedding website, we love you all!

Couples Tower Isle

Sunday, August 03rd, 2025

Our flagship resort, Couples Tower Isle is a sun-splashed playground with its own private island, a collection of newly refreshed guest rooms and suites, as well as eight exclusive Oasis Spa Villas where guests enjoy unlimited spa treatments.

Our Blog

Shoes to go with it!

I am really excited about all this so I thought I would show you all a picture of my wedding heels!


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Wedding Party

Tina - Maid of Honor

Corey - Best Man

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