August 03rd, 2025 in It's a Surprise!

Until we get Married!

Sandra Morgan

We met a few years ago when a mutual friend introduced us at a holiday party. As time went on it was a Facebook photo of all things that brought us together, he commented on one of my photos from a concert and said he loved the same band. We made plans to attend a music festival together later that month, and it's all history from there.  For our 3rd anniversary, we decided to go to his hometown to celebrate, with family and friends surrounding us, he proposed, I said “Yes!” (I think I said it before he even finished). It's been an amazing ride, and we are looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together.

Timothy Unelp

From the moment we locked eyes, I knew she would have a special place in my life forever. I remember how awesome it felt that night when we met … we literally were introduced and spent the whole night standing in the kitchen area, just talking the night away. There was something about her, I knew she was the one. I can’t believe it was a simple comment followed by the best hours of my life at a music festival that changed my life forever. I am so excited to spend the rest of my life creating new memories. We hope you will join us in celebration of our love.

Our Blog

Shoes to go with it!

I am really excited about all this, so I thought I would show you all a picture of my wedding heels!I think I need something else for the beach though?


What do you think?

Today was an interesting day as this was the third attempt to find the perfect wedding dress. I went with my mom and sisters again and guess what?! I think...


Wedding Flowers? Check! what does everyone think about our wedding flowers?It means so much to us that are friends and family are involved with this special day for us.



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