Jewel of Jamaica

At Couples Sans Souci, they spend every day dreaming up new ways to give us more. An extra splash of Myers's rum? A little more grilled lobster? Another dive, or round of golf, or hour of water-skiing? You bet! Because when we’re heading to the "Jewel of Jamaica" for an all-inclusive getaway, getting more should be at the top of our list.

It is Official!

It is official! Our honeymoon dates and flight itineraries for Couples Sans Souci have been booked and taken care of, thanks to our travel agent! I am so excited to have all of this going as planned! This really has been an amazing experience but now I have to start working on the booking of the activities! We have chosen an array of extra activities that we can do on our honeymoon in Jamaica. We can't wait!

Our Destination Wedding at Couples Sans Souci

Our wedding ceremony will be such an incredible, special event and we can't wait to share it with all of you. Our ceremony will take place on the beach at Couples Sans Souci. It's gorgeous and the perfect place to exchange our vows! Before we know it, we will become Mr. and Mrs. Fenrow. The invitiations will be sent out shortly and do check back here for additional information and details about our special day.