Wedding Party

Lisa - Maid of Honor

Not only is she my sister but my best friend as well. I couldn’t imagine taking this next step in life without her by my side.

Beth - Bridesmaid

My teammate and friend throughout high school. We bonded over the many hours of practice and tournament wins, I’m so glad to share this new chapter in my life with her as my bridesmaid.

Tasha - Bridesmaid

We met that first year of college and became roommates for the remaining years and lifetime friends!  We have so much in common and had so many fun nights, this friendship means the world to me and I’m so happy to share this special time with her.

Ryan - Best Man

My brother, my confidant, my truth teller and most importantly my best friend. I can’t remember any memories growing up where we weren’t getting into trouble together! We had such a blast growing up, and I’m so honored to have him as my best man.

Matt - Groomsmen

My roommate all through college, and one of my best friends until this day. And if it wasn’t for him introducing me to my future wife at that holiday party, we may not all be here celebrating our wedding today. I owe him big time for introducing me to the love of my life. 

Jason - Groomsmen

My cousin practically grew up as our third brother. He was always there when either of us needed a helping hand or a listening ear. I’m so happy he is here with me to celebrate this important time in my life.